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How Do I Connect My iPad To My TV?


What's the best way to connect my iPad to a television?
- Asked by Jimmy W. February 9th, 2012


There are three ways to connect an iPad or iPad 2 to a TV. If you want a wired connection, you can get the Apple Digital AV adapter or the Apple VGA adapter. The Apple VGA adapter is the best choice if your TV doesn't support HDMI but does have a VGA port. In addition to the Apple VGA adapter you will also need a VGA cable. The Apple Digital AV adapter lets you connect the iPad to your TV via HDMI. It also has a 30-pin connector built into so you can charge your iPad while it's connected to the television.

The third option is to use AirPlay with an Apple TV. You can read our guide about using AirPlay with the iPad and Apple TV.

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