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What do the sidebarnav icons mean?

App Price Drops: Find the latest app sales and filter results with options like free apps only, exclude games, sort by popularity, and sales ending soon.
App Recommendations: Find recommendations personalized to you. View the summary to find all of your past votes.
My App Alerts: View your app alerts or receive suggestions for alerts you haven't set.
Newest Apps: Discover the latest apps to be added to our price tracker.
App Rankings: View rankings for the most popular apps in the App Store. Filter by device, price, and category.
App Search: Looking for a specific app or type of app? Use our search to find it.
App Shortcuts: Quickly access all of your favorite app shortcuts.

What is an app shortcut?

App shortcuts allow you to quickly find the app types that interest you. Tap and select a filter like sort by: latest, price: free, category: games to find the Latest Free iOS App Price Drops > Games, then tap on the bookmark icon to save it to your Shop Apps homescreen. You can visit Settings to reorder the shortcut to the top of your Shop Apps homescreen or even save it as an app icon to your iPhone/iPad for easy access.

How do I reorder/remove app shortcuts?

Visit the Settings to reorder and remove app shortcuts.

Still looking for answers?

Check out our FAQ for more help.
Save this app shortcut, Latest iPad App Price Drops, to your App Price Drops homescreen by tapping the bookmark button at the top of the page.