App Price Drops is a price tracking service that crawls the iTunes and Mac App Stores in an effort to find great app deals and discounts. Instead of focusing on every price drop for every app, our algorithm attempts to separate the wheat from the chaff for our users, leaving just quality apps with actual discounts.

App prices are changing multiple times a day, so please check back often for the best app deals! You can also track app deals with the App Price Drops app for iPhone and iPad or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or via RSS.

If you are a developer and would like to see your app deal featured, please contact us. We can’t guarantee inclusion on App Price Drops, but we do consider each submission. We will also consider distributing app promo codes to our users if you are a developer interested in receiving increased exposure for your app.

If you are having trouble receiving email alerts from Apple Sliced or App Price Drops, please follow our instructions to whitelist Apple Sliced with your email provider.

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About App Price Drops

App prices are constantly in flux, so we track price changes for the top apps from iTunes and the Mac App Store. Check back often to find out about app sales and discounts.

Periodically, we send special alerts via email and Twitter about price drops for the most popular apps. Subscribe now or risk missing out on great app deals!

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