War on Terror by TerrorBull Games Ltd

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★★ 3RD PLACE ★★
★★ Best Board Game ★★


A. 4.3 - so this won't work on 2nd Gen iPods, sorry, we know that sucks, but the technology just isn't there.

A. Not yet, but we're working on it! The single player game has hours of fun - hopefully enough to keep you occupied until we get multiplayer up and running.

A. Yes it does. We're also planning on making a universal app that is part of our multiplayer update.


"War on Terror" is an absurdly addictive and wickedly satirical strategy game. It takes place in an imaginary world where there are no goodies and baddies, no real allies, only money. You must control the oil, fund & fight terrorism and do whatever it takes to liberate the entire planet. But don't panic, it's just a game.


This is a strategy game like no other - your task is liberate the world and save it from the evil clutches of terrorism. Along the way, you can team up with other players and form superficial alliances, as long as they serve your interests.

Each country contains a certain amount of sweet, sweet oil. Some have none; some have lots. Since liberation is a thirsty business, guess who gets liberated first?

And then there's terrorism. Awkwardly enough, you frequently end up funding the very terrorism you're trying to fight as you eradicate the greater threat posed by rogue empires (usually a former ally).

War on Terror is the ultimate game of the ends justifying the means.


'War on Terror the application' is dripping in satirical humour and offers hours of subversive play. Here are some of the things that lie in store for you:

- All original artwork by award-winning illustrator, Tom Morgan-Jones
- Interactive world map, with 49 territories
- Dynamic oil distribution (every game is different)
- Advanced, reactive Artificial Intelligence
- Anonymous terrorist funding
- Original sound and music by Robert Taliesin Owen
- Features the best song ever penned by the one-and-only Jarvis Cocker!
- And perhaps the most disturbing credits screen in the history of video games
- Much more to come ...


"War on Terror" is based on the infamous, satirical board game of the same name. When it was originally released, "War on Terror the boardgame" caused some controversy for using a game to tackle such a serious subject. These days, the board game has been recognised as an important piece of satire and has been accepted into the permanent collections of the Bodleian Library and the Imperial War Museum, amongst others.


Terrorbull Games is an independent game design & publishing studio, based in Cambridge, England. This is not just our first iOS app, but our first ever digital game. It's been over a year in development and we are very proud of it and hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Feedback, comments and suggestions are really welcome and we hope to develop this game together with the people that play it. Please send any feedback to info@terrorbullgames.co.uk - Thanks for reading!

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