Thief Job by Tekko Games

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********************************** Thief Job is FREE for limited time! Don't miss it! ********************************** Help Steve reach his dream of becoming a billionaire by performing the greatest theft ever; stealing jewelry and... Read more
Thief Job is FREE for limited time! Don't miss it!

Help Steve reach his dream of becoming a billionaire by performing the greatest theft ever; stealing jewelry and ornaments from the King of Europe himself! However, it's not easier than it sounds because an astute policeman is on the job that night and will tirelessly pursue any thief until captured!

Play an exciting endless runner and make the greatest get-away in history! Test your skills and reflexes as you jump across buildings, slide under obstacles, and do whatever it takes to stay one step ahead of the law. Improve your score every time while unlocking dozens of achievements and purchasing amazing items, upgrades, and outfits to make your escape in style! You can even challenge your friends online and reach the top of the leaderboards through Gamecenter support.

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Start your exciting Thief Job escape today!



+ Thrilling endless runner with smooth controls and addicting gameplay!
+ Avoid demolition balls, electrical shock, spiked walls, flamethrowers and more as you jump and slide across buildings!
+ Collect awesome upgrades like Turbo Boost and Invisibility to get an edge!
+ Use Bananas, Smoke Bombs, and more to slow down the policeman!
+ Make your get-away in style with several cool outfits to unlock!
+ Play against friends, unlock achievements, and make the leader-boards with Gamecenter support.


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