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Space Command PRO - Exoplanet at war by Mohamed Bennouf

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SpaceCom One battleship is in position, the weapons are ready to fire and the asteroids are incoming - are you brave enough to meet your doom? Download the game right now and find out :) 2048 - Monster asteroid hit Earth The derelict sound... Read more
SpaceCom One battleship is in position, the weapons are ready to fire and the asteroids are incoming - are you brave enough to meet your doom?

Download the game right now and find out :)

2048 - Monster asteroid hit Earth

The derelict sound of space couldn’t hide the destruction of Earth. A war of rock that spelled the end of humanity as we knew it - everybody was dead and the few survivors waited to be rescued... rescue never came. That was 900 years ago now, the survivors that were left took refuge aboard the mighty SpaceCom One battleship - and over many generations they learn to control the spaceship and left the broken galaxy that we once called home...

After 100 years of travelling through the vast and dark wilderness of the Universe: they came across Porous-Rift, a galaxy populated by exoplanets they may one day call home again. However, history came back to haunt the crew of SpaceCom One... the Asteroid Belt of Porous-Rift had ruptured, causing thousands of mighty asteroids to rip the only chance that humanity would have of repopulating. Humanity wasn’t ready then... so they must be ready now.

In Space Command, you play as the role of a Space Gunner and the only person that has the power to stop this frustrating war of rock and man. You must save EARTH 2!


- Featured in the "WHAT'S HOT" in the U.S App Store!

- Awarded the "App Of The Week" - Coronalabs

"I recommend this game, gameplay is challenging, explosions are highly realistic. The further you play the better it gets." - Bunny305

"Seriously, this game takes me back to many after school evenings playing at the local arcade. Great graphics, sound, and gameplay." - Jorge E. Sanchez

"It's a good thing I'm not responsible to save the planet...LOL! Action packed non stop blasting, how'd my kids get 5 Gold? I'm work'n just to advance and save the planet from destruction. The Plasma gu is Awesome!" - xnailbender

"This is one of the first games I got for my iPhone 5 and it plays and looks great. Very much a throwback to old arcade shooters. Need more enemies! - Malba70


- Spectacular particle effects, with beautiful graphics
- Awesome powerups includes planet shield and quantum nukes!
- Earn gold coins to be use toward powerups.
- Full career management. Progress all the way to 4 Star General.
- Three levels of difficulty. Unlock a new cool power up after clearing each level.
- Ten game levels plus bonus. Can you make it to four star General?
- Two game modes: "Survivor" and "Highscore"
- GAME CENTER - Compete with your friends and people Worldwide!
- Three different music tracks to enjoy the game.
- Switch UI controls location (left/right handed)
- Optimized for iPhone 5
- Universal app. Enjoy the game on all your iOS devices!

Check out Space Command official trailer on Youtube:

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