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Apple Sliced is a free service that helps you track the lowest prices on apps and Apple products.

Shopping for Mac & iOS devices:

Apple Sliced doesn't sell anything — we just help you find the best price for any Apple-related product by tracking the lowest prices from Authorized Apple Resellers around the web. So no matter where you buy, it's just like buying from the Apple Store.

We do this because we believe Apple creates some of the best products available, and we believe that consumers deserve to find the best prices and the most complete pricing information. Learn more!

Shopping for Apps:

Apple Sliced is the best place to discover apps and browse app sales.

Apple Sliced users receive personalized app recommendations, tailored to each user's individual tastes and preferences. We offer buying advice to guide your purchasing decisions and provide a notification service so you can set price alerts for any app you want.

Beyond that, we constantly track the top app price drops so you can see every app sale every day. Learn more about our app services!