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Apple Sliced is a free and alternative App Store experience.

Every sale in the App Store

Don't miss a single App sale! Follow every price drop as we report it.
Every Sale in the App Store
Every Sale in the App Store

Buying advice for every app

We analyze past price changes and offer a "Buy" or "Wait" recommendation for each app. Set price alerts for any paid app.

Personalized app recommendations

Upvote apps you want or like to receive custom recommendations!
Every Sale in the App Store

Apple Sliced can also help you track the lowest prices on Mac and iOS products. Start shopping!

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Find and compare the lowest prices for the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, and more!

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We'll help you find the best deal for your next iPad purchase!

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Whether it's a new Magic Mouse or an AirPort Time Capsule, let us help you find the cheapest price.

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Explore memory upgrades for the easiest and most cost effective way to boost the performance of your Mac.

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How does Apple Sliced work? Read more!

App Discovery

  • The Full Picture

    Ever wonder if you're overpaying for an app? Don't. We store past prices, allowing you see each price in a historical context. If we expect a price to decrease, we'll advise you to set a price alert to avoid overpaying.
  • Immediate Alerts

    Don't ever worry about missing another great app sale — we let you set alerts for any app you want! And since app prices may change multiple times a day, we'll notify you as soon as we see the price change come through.
  • App Store Integration

    We continuously crawl the iTunes and Mac App Stores in an effort to find great app deals and discounts. Instead of focusing on every price drop for every app, our algorithm attempts to separate the wheat from the chaff for our users, leaving just quality apps with actual discounts.

Mac & iOS Products

  • Authorized Merchants

    We don't sell anything — we just help you find the best price. We do that by tracking the lowest prices from Authorized Apple Resellers around the web. So no matter where you buy, it's just like buying from the Apple Store.
  • Great Service

    You'll get Genius Bar support from the Apple Store with the same Apple warranty, wherever you buy your product.
  • True Total Prices

    Some merchants don't have to charge sales tax in your state. We calculate any applicable taxes and shipping fees to track the lowest prices online. That means no surprises at checkout time!